Maclaren Ella_Phant Competition

In celebration of Maclaren’s 50th Anniversary, this past June we rejoined forces with Elephant Family to deliver the world’s biggest gift to the children of London — a 10ft painted Asian elephant unveiled by HRH Duchess of Cornwall. Every week in June a series of delightful story-time events took place at the Duke of York Square. National treasures including Stephen Fry, Philip Colbert and HRH Princess Eugenie, read heart-warming stories from Mark Shand’s bestselling book, Travels on My Elephant, that brought Tara to life, inspiring and educating London’s children—our next generation of conservationists. The events that took place throughout the month brought joy to all the children that attended. Alongside Tara was a baby elephant named Ella, whom Maclaren invited the children of London to design as a part of the Maclaren Ella_phant competition. Maclaren teamed up with four distinguished judges to help narrow down over two thousand submissions. Today and for the rest of the week we look to our fans on social media to help us choose the winning design. The design with the most likes and shares will be deemed the winner and serve as the inspiration for Ella’s design.

The Judges

“At Elephant Family we are always looking for innovative ways to tell people the story of these magnificent animals. We have been amazed and delighted at the creativity shown by London’s young people and future conservationists. Together, we will ensure the majestic Asian elephant remains in the world for generations to come.”

Ruth Powys, CEO of Elephant Family,

“It was a joy to see London’s young artists become inspired by the magnificent Asian elephants that bring beauty and elegance to our world. This competition not only encouraged children to be creative, it also taught them the importance of conservation and how to keep our planet safe. Maclaren is very excited to rejoin the Elephant family in their quest to save Asian elephants from extinction.”

Neda Rastegar, Co-Owner, Head of Cause Relations at Maclaren

“The children of London have contributed to what will be a unique piece of saleable art to benefit an important cause, and Sotheby’s are proud to support this ongoing adventure of creativity.”

 Henry Wyndham, Chairman of Sotheby’s UK

“Mark used to say ‘losing the elephant is like losing your imagination.” He then said, “It has been a pleasure to see so many vivid imaginations creating elephant designs for the competition, and I am proud to support Elephant Family by helping to choose the final design for Ella.” George Butler, an accomplished artist specializing in travel and current affairs and good friend of Mark Shand

Philip Colbert, a well-known pop-artist many describe as “the godson of Andy Warhol” will be painting an inspiration of the winning design on Ella, which will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York City–all the proceeds going to Elephant Family. The winning family will be given a generous shopping adventure on as well as a unique model elephant featuring their own design, to adore forever.





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Maclaren Ella_Phant Competition

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